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How We Doubled Our Client’s Return On Ad Spend in Less Than 60 Days

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


Our client is a high-ticket men’s relationship coach. Through his courses, he helps men save their failing marriages, focus on improving themselves, and build a meaningful legacy.

Before we met with him, our client was constantly reaching for leads. He was exerting so much time and energy – without seeing results – that his efforts were like riding uphill on a stationary bike. Meanwhile, he was missing out on making valuable connections with clients who could benefit from his offer. The client reached out to us to achieve the following goals:

  • Grow his client following and reduce the cost of leads

  • Increase his Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from 2x by as much as possible without increasing the Cost to Acquire Customers (COA) more than 25%

  • Attract higher quality leads who would genuinely benefit from his offerings

  • Get to a point where he felt comfortable increasing the price of his course from $900 to $2000

Our mission as his agency was to transition his campaign into a lead gen machine. Through the power of Facebook Ads, we would target a high-caliber audience truly reflective of his brand’s value.


After examining his business and understanding the client’s ultimate goals, we decided to work from the inside out.

We first started by building a “digital newspaper” with video content pushed out at $1/day that never turns off. That data showed us which was the winning copy & creative that we could translate to a Top of Funnel (TOF) campaign built for completely “cold” audiences.

This meant we could design the TOF to grow the audience for any new content that we add to the digital newspaper.


We got our client from 2x ROAS to 4x in less than 60 days! Actually, it was on day 51 that we woke up to 4.1x ROAS in the reporting to be exact.

Even better? Before we stepped in, our client felt that the leads trickling in were a waste of time and not the audience they were trying to reach. That’s incredibly frustrating! Who wants to have long, laborious phone conversations with people who will never buy from you? Once our campaign got rolling, we had four high-quality booked calls inside of the second week!

The leads that started to come in had already consumed multiple videos ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour, so we knew they were already invested. Our client is still, to this day, regularly getting people to watch 45+ minutes of content.


We were able to achieve notable, quantifiable results for our client in a short amount of time:

  • Successfully doubled ROAS in less than 60 days

  • Regularly attract an audience to watch longer content at a cost of $0.09

  • Leads continually coming in at $9 or less

Even more than the black and white numbers, the long-term benefits our client has enjoyed are invaluable:

  • Targeting people who already show a vested interest in the business means lead generation gets you more quality for less money

  • Lower cost per lead means money leftover to grow and expand the business

  • Higher quality of leads means less time wasted on meetings that end up going nowhere

  • Less time on calls that drain your energy reduces stress and gives you more motivation to help the people who can really benefit from your expertise

  • Working with clients of a higher caliber allows you to raise your prices and recognize the value of your time and hard work

Do you ever feel this way? Spending most days frustrated, fighting for every sale, and feeling like you’re going nowhere fast?

There is a better way. We can transform that stress into success and stagnation into a highly profitable machine where you can work less and serve people in a deeper way.

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