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5 Free Video Resources to Make You a Video Marketing Pro in No Time

The art of using video for business is vital. It can help you be more creative, increase your career opportunities and even change the way people see and interact with one another! With these online courses or virtual events available to learners everywhere (even on mobile!), it's never been easier to learn new skills that will keep them engaged in their profession no matter what field they're working within.

We have put together a list of FREE video resources to help you make your next business project or personal learning journey.

For the past decade, HubSpot has been an undisputed leader in marketing. They offer courses for marketers both newbies and experts alike with their free education platform including a video course: Start & Grow Your Video Marketing Strategy that will teach you everything from basics like types of content to production tips as well as tracking strategies so your videos are memorable!

YouTube is a powerful tool, with 2 billion monthly users and it’s second only to Google in global search engine power. Do you know how important this platform for video content creation has become? Well, now you can get straight from the horse's mouth as we talk about what makes our service so special!

It is a one-stop shop for all YouTube needs. With courses and lessons covering nearly every aspect of using the platform successfully, it's no wonder that this site has been visited over 1 billion times! Take your time exploring each section or dive straight into full courses depending on what you're looking to learn today - there are so many things here just waiting patiently inside their content walls…

How would you like to be certified as a YouTube expert? If this is something that interests you and your company, then don't waste another second reading.

There is no better way to reach people than by delivering the content they love through a vast ad network, right? Google and video ads are the perfect match.

Google is always looking for new ways to provide value. If you think video advertising might be a good fit, take advantage of their free training program: Skillshop!

Google Ads is a great way to get started with video advertising. You can start by learning the basics and then take some courses for more advanced skills or even get certified in order to make your videos stand out from others on Google's platform!

Marketing Profs is the go-to resource for marketers looking to grow their business. They have long been thought leaders in the marketing space, so it’s no surprise that they are now diving into video marketing as a way of providing valuable information and insights on how one can best succeed with this ever-changing form factor!

Their Marketing with Video Online Forum is a must-attend for anyone in the industry. The presentations from three top experts will inspire you, while Q&As provide an opportunity to ask questions LIVE! Attendees also have access to only resource library that contains valuable tools and information not available elsewhere

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers. If you have an account on Facebook, odds are that your company also has one too!

Stop fumbling around with your phone and take the next logical step toward winning friends as well as followers. Facebook Video Foundations is a free online course that'll teach you everything from how to set up ads, review metrics on success rates of video campaigns among other tips for taking advantage

creatively via social media!

Get all the information you need to know about video advertising in this free resource. You’ll find best practices and metrics that can help your campaign reach more people with better results!

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Jul 03

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