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How To Be More Confident On Camera

Do you feel super awkward in front of the camera despite the fact that you want to create more video content for your business? There's a simple trick to feel more confident on camera, I've recorded a quick video to show you exactly how to do it

Step 1:

Write out the script for the video. I personally recommend typing it all out on a document as this will help you memorise it better. If you prefer to list bullet points then you can do that as well as an alternative.

Step 2:

Position your laptop open with the video script outside of the video frame so It can not be seen when you are filming.

Step 3:

Hit record and start reading the script out loud looking directly into the camera. Occasionally look down to read your script and then read the next sentence by looking away from the script directly into the camera.

Step 4:

Send the footage of to your video editor to remove the bits where you look down on your script. Once those bits are removed the videos will look smooth and you will come across as extremely natural on camera.

All the best!

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