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7 Benefits of Animated Videos For Your Business

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

As the digital marketing landscape becomes more competitive, standing out from your competitors is imperative. Animated explainer videos are the best way to keep your target audience engaged and interested in what you're saying. You'll be able to highlight key points about their company, product, or idea, while also providing entertaining content for viewers who may otherwise get bored with long-form explanations.

1. Get the best conversion rate for your site

Animated videos not only engage your customers but also inspire them to actually make purchases and help maximise profits for the company. Statistics show that including an animated video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Below is an example of an animated video we created for the smartphone app Jobhop.

2. Engage with customers

As videos become a more popular form of entertainment, it's important to keep in mind that engaging your customers can lead them on the path towards conversion. In fact, one-third (33%) of all digital activity time is spent watching online video content. This means there will always be an audience for your business, no matter what type you decide to use!

Animated videos are the perfect way to engage potential customers since they provide a way of presenting essential information in an attention-grabbing and interesting manner. Give your viewers something new with animated giveaways, which are shareable on social media or in email attachments!

3. SEO Improvement

The benefits of including animated videos on your website are many and include improving the SEO, making you more visible to clients through search engine optimisation (SEO), increasing customer engagement with viewers who have found what they were looking for in an easy-to-see way.

It is proven that Google's algorithm rewards websites with the best user experience. One way to provide this? Animated videos, which make viewers stay longer on your site and result in more hits!

4. Get your client's attention at meetings

An audience is more likely to retain information when it comes in an interesting and creative format. Animations are perfect for stimulating engagement, as animations allow you can get your message across while keeping people engaged on a new level!

We think the best way is by showing off some awesomely crafted eye-catching avatars at exhibitions or client meetings - they're guaranteed to not only capture attention but also start conversations which will lead us into opportunities like never before!

5. Makes clients and prospects understand your products and services

The right animation can turn a customer’s head in your direction and make them want to buy what you have for sale.

Some customers may not be able to fully understand the product or service without some sort of visuals, so using an animated video can help your business grow! Animation helps people grasp information about products better than static photos or written text alone - which means more sales opportunities as well (and less time spent trying).

Animated videos can be great when it comes to story-telling. A 90 or 120-second animated skit, showing real-life instances of how your products and services will make a consumer’s life so much easier for them, is a surefire win with customers!

6. Help to visualise complex processes

Animated videos are a great way to make complex processes easier and more interesting for your audience. They can break down every step, so you don't need an in depth explanation that takes up hours of their day! This could be used for safety procedures or inductions.

Below is an example of an animated explainer video we produced for Firstgas to educate their contractors about safety procedures.

7. Animated videos for promotion of brand development

Animated videos are a great way to creatively incorporate logos and brand images into your video. You can create recurring themes through an array of animations, which will help you establish a recognisable identity for yourself as well.

Our creative team is ready to take your idea and turn it into a beautifully executed explainer video. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need us!

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